TMJ: The Root of Your Pain

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a really long name… so let’s call it TMJ.  That sounds more familiar—you’ve probably heard it before. Maybe some lingering pain in your chewing muscles and bones even have you wondering if you have it.

TMJ dysfunction is sometimes called TMD, TMJD, or TMJ Syndrome, especially if there seem to be a number of other jaw-related issues. Dr. Michelakis, Dr. Wilharm, Dr. Harrington, Dr. Miller, Dr. Hohl and Dr. Dobransky at Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry are here to tell you more about TMJ and what to do if you’ve got it. Read more ›

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How Dental Nightguards Can Help You

It’s common to see people wearing mouthguards in Bolivia and Oak Island for protection during all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, and boxing, but did you know that lots of folks wear mouth guards at night for their dental health? People who grind their teeth (bruxism) and people with sleep apnea can get relief from their symptoms simply by wearing a specially-designed mouth guard at night. Coastal Cosmetic Family dentists have helped many Bolivia and Oak Island residents improve their quality of life with nightguards. Our team at Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry invites you to come visit us today to find out more. Read more ›

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Don’t Eat That: A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Mouth

Some foods will help you grow healthy teeth and keep them forever. Some foods will prevent you from growing healthy teeth, or harm the ones you already have. You can grow and maintain strong, healthy teeth by eating a diet your mouth (and your body) will truly love. Read more ›

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Do Whitening Strips Actually Work?

Whitening strips are among the most popular health and beauty products in Bolivia & Oak Island. Brightening up your pearly whites is a great way to give your smile a boost, and with all the over-the-counter options, there’s no reason not to pick one up and try it out. Coastal Cosmetic Family dentists want you to be informed about every aspect of dental health, so here’s a guide to which whitening options can give your teeth a bright new shine. If you have any questions or would like to visit Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry for a consultation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Read more ›

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The Science of Tooth Decay

If you’ve visited our blog before, you know that we love to talk about tooth decay. The chances are, everyone in Bolivia & Oak Island has had or will have tooth decay at one point. It is classified by the National Institutes of Health [] as the most prevalent disease in the world. Today we’re going to talk about a few of the factors involved in causing tooth decay and what you and The Doctors of CCFD can do to protect your smile. Read more ›

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Need a Tooth Extraction? Don’t Be Afraid!

We’ve all had a toothache at some point at some point or another. While you should always consult your Oak Island or Bolivia dentist, it’s not always a serious problem. Often, the issue can be fixed with a filling or a root canal. However, many Oak Island & Bolivia residents have found themselves in a situation where the tooth is not salvageable, and the only solution is for a Coastal Cosmetic dentist to perform an extraction, or remove the tooth. Today, the dental team at Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry® would like to talk about what you can expect from an extraction and why it’s not something to fear! Read more ›

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Oral Cancer Screenings: Shining a Light & Saving Lives

Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry®’s own Dr. Tony Michelakis wrote an article on oral cancer that we’d like to share with our community. Unfortunately, this form of cancer is on the rise. The doctors of CCFD conduct oral cancer screenings at every hygiene appointment. We’re able to detect abnormalities at earlier stages with the assistance of a fluorescent light which helps us increase the chance of remission.

One in three people will develop cancer during their lifetime. Survival rates have increased for almost ALL cancers, except for oral cancer.  The number of oral cancers has increased over the last six years while other cancers have declined.

The risk factors for oral cancer include: previous history of cancer, age, tobacco use (including smokeless) and excessive use of alcohol. However, 60% of oral cancers occur in patients without any use of alcohol, tobacco or any other risks. That being said, young non-smokers are most likely to develop oral cancer.

Why is that?  Exposure to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the new oral cancer risk factor.  HPV can be transmitted through saliva, sexual and skin-to-skin contact. HPV is the cause of the fastest growing oral cancer population under the age of 45 and is responsible for an increase of 15 times the rate in oral cancer diagnosis.

Men are two times more likely to develop general oral cancers. HPV-related cancers are six to seven times more common in men than women. 63% of oral cancers are found in Stage III and IV. There is a 56% chance of a five-year survival rate if cancer is found in Stage III and only 34% if found in Stage IV.

Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry® includes an oral cancer screening at every hygiene appointment. This two-minute screening is done with an Oral ID™ fluorescent light to identify abnormalities in the mouth, gums or cheeks. Oral cancer screenings used to be done with the naked eye. The photo on the left is what would be seen with just the human eye. With the help of the Oral ID light, if there are any abnormalities, the tissue will appear dark; as seen in the photo on the right.

This new technology allows our team to recognize abnormalities sooner than we would with the naked eye alone. Finding abnormalities BEFORE they progress into cancer is the key to saving lives. The dentists at CCFD screen early and often as part of our conservative patient care. Screening can be done as early as 17 years of age.

The threat of oral cancer is real, but it can be treated and prevented once you shine a little light on the subject. Contact us today for an oral cancer screening so you can have peace of mind. Serving Bolivia, Oak Island, and greater Brunswick County.


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The Oral-Systemic Link: Risk Factors for Tooth Decay

Did you know the same plaque that decays your teeth can cause major heart problems? What if you could fight plaque and heart failure both by improving your oral health? Coastal Cosmetic dentists in Bolivia & Oak Island are here to tell you more!

Someone dies from a heart attack every minute, according to the American Heart Association, and most heart attacks (and 85% of strokes) are caused by cholesterol build-up – aka plaque.

But there is good news. You can work with your Bolivia & Oak Island dentist and your doctor to understand and minimize your risk factors for developing plaque and tooth decay. Read more ›

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Updating your Health History May Help Save Your Teeth

Keeping your health history updated with Dr. Michelakis, Dr. Wilharm, Dr. Harrington, Dr. Miller, Dr. Hohl & Dr. Dobransky may help save your teeth. Although you may think of general health and dental health as two completely unrelated categories, they are much more connected than the average person suspects. Just as the information you share with your general practitioner assists them in keeping you healthy, Dr. Michelakis, Dr. Wilharm, Dr. Harrington, Dr. Miller, Dr. Hohl & Dr. Dobransky depends on your input for optimum dental health.  When it comes to your overall health, your dentist also needs to see the big picture so they can assist you with keeping your teeth vital. Most Bolivia & Oak Island residents might not think to inform their dentist about their general physical health, but would be surprised at the potential impact that information can have on their oral care. The Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry® team like(s) to go above and beyond for our Bolivia & Oak Island patients, but we depend on your participation to make sure you get the quality dental care you deserve. Here are a few reasons why.

Diabetes and Dental Health

750,000 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. However, few diabetes sufferers realize the full extent of the disorder’s effect on your teeth. If you have diabetes, you are much more likely to develop:

  • Tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Oral ulcers
  • Fungal infections

Read more ›

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Your Mouth Might Be Making Your Body Sick – How Dental Hygiene Impacts Overall Health

Your mouth talks to your body…and your body talks to your mouth. If you listen closely you will hear them say, “let’s help each other, we’re all on the same team.”

You may have heard that oral health has been linked to various diseases and conditions, but how exactly are they related?

Our mouths are filled with bacteria. If bacteria is not properly managed, it can cause inflammation and infections that have the potential to spread throughout the body. Poor oral health has been shown to contribute to health issues like cardiovascular disease and respiratory infections. It can even impact keeping diabetes in control. Read more ›

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