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Teeth in a Day

Get in, get out, & get back to your life with a smile!

You may remember a day in the not-so-distant past when having dental work done required multiple appointments. It’s ok, we get it – the dental chair is the last place you want to spend your free time. That’s why at Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry®, we’ve designed our practice with your comfort and convenience in mind. We’ve invested in the most advanced technology that allows us to create and place restorations in a single appointment!


The old way

In the past, and in many dental offices still today, having a dental restoration done can feel a little like pulling teeth. The first appointment would require an injection, and goopy, messy impressions that would be sent off to a lab to be made into the final restoration. You may even need a temporary restoration to hold you over until the final product can be placed. Then you would need to schedule a return visit, get another injection, have the temporary removed, and have the permanent restoration placed. Sounds grueling, right?

The Coastal way

Thankfully at Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry®, you can forget about all that. If you need a filling, inlay or onlay, crown, or veneers, we can prepare, fabricate, and place your restoration in the same day with the help of our advanced CEREC milling machine. CEREC technology allows us to take digital impressions which are then converted into a precise 3D model of your new restoration, which will be fabricated on-site while you wait, and placed by your doctor in the same visit.


The benefits of teeth in a day include:

  • No return appointments
  • Fewer injections
  • No messy impressions
  • No temporaries
  • Less time spent in the dental chair
  • Beautiful, natural-looking restorations

Contact Us

If you have any questions about teeth in a day, or would like to reserve an appointment with your Bolivia dentist or Oak Island dentist – Dr. Wilharm, Dr. Harrington, Dr. Miller, Dr. Hohl, Dr. Dobransky, Dr. Strubin, or Dr. Hoover – please contact us at Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry® today.

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